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AFDEX Newsletter Q2 2018

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1. AFDEX_V18R01 Release 

   1.1 Features in the latest version

   1.2 Updated features during Q1/Q2 - 2018


2. Introduction of AFDEX_V18R01

   2.1 Elastoplastic finite element analysis of riveting process in aircrafts

   2.2 Residual stress after self-piercing riveting

   2.3 Elastoplastic analysis of aircraft fittings and tubes

   2.4 Elastoplastic finite element analysis of ball bearing contact problems

   2.5 Elastoplastic finite element analysis of assembly process of hub bearing assembly

   2.6 Prediction of grain size and experimental verification of hot forged bearing componets

   2.7 Hardness prediction of hot forged bearing parts

   2.8 Quantification and visualization of metal flow lines

   2.9 Solving computationally large problems

   2.10 Analysis of multi-stage hollow shaft waging process

   2.11 Analysis of precision spline forming process by oscillatory punch


3. A study on flow stress at elevated temperatures

   3.1 Basic models in AFDEX

   3.2 Improved flow stress model


4. Notice

   4.1 Cooperation and communication

         4.1.1 IMTEX Participation and seminars

         4.1.2 Hannover Messe

   4.2 MFCAE 2018

   4.3 Introduction of professional educational courses by KSTP

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