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Success story

Precision Forging of Large Automotive Parts

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- High value-added forging parts for automotive industry

- Net-shape forging of large gear-like parts with no empirical knowledge available



- Engineering together with process optimization might be accomplished by counting on AFDEX of high accuracy predictions.

- The cost for product development and its tooling as well can be minimized.



- Much earlier than expected the new business of net-shape forging turned out to be soon stable for large gear products.

- The company of Hanho has successfully equipped their engineers with state-of-the-art technology and creative research capability in the field of high-precision auto-transmission parts.


Hanho has quickly risen to the world-class company  in the field of precision forging of larger automotive parts. We firmly believe the secret lies in its unshaken simulation capacity in using AFDEX” 


Dr. Hokeun

Executive Director


Hanho Automotive Co.


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