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AFDEX Newsletter Spring 2017

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1. AFDEX_V17R01

  1.1 Release date of AFDEX new version

  1.2 Update list of AFDEX_V17R01


2. Newly embedded functions in AFDEX_V17R01


  2.1 Fortified function for ring rolling process

  2.2 Enhanced function for open die forging process

  2.3 Added function for calculating minimum distance between workpiece adjacent to die and die

  2.4 2D/3D simulation considering die elastic deformation

  2.5 2D/3D heat transfer simulation between assembled dies

  2.6 2D/3D structural analysis of assembled die

  2.7 2D/3D recursive simulation for specific steps

  2.8 2D Boolean operation

3. 2017 Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity (KSTP) spring conference

  3.1 Predictability of chevron crack by conventional ductile fracture theorem and its limitation

  3.2 Causes of fracture occurring at the exit in a cold shell nosing process

  3.3 Effect of air trapping occurring in hot forging

  3.4 Engineering design of a cross-wedge rolling process of hot-forging preform of a ball-joint case

  3.5 Analysis of springback and its verification with an automatic multi-stage precision cold forging process of a yoke

  3.6 Study on extreme cases of various numerical approaches to open cold extrusion

  3.7 Practical approach for determining material parameters in microstructure evolution

  3.8 Finite element prediction of deformation of material due to springback after material removal of a forging

  3.9 Finite element analysis of ring rolling processes using optimized tetrahedral finite element

  3.10 Quantitative study on effect of coupled analyses of die deformation and temperature on the predictions

  3.11 Study on roundness of cylindrical hole formed by nonaxisymmetric cold forging

4. Public notice

  4.1 MFCAE 2017

  4.2 Global exhibitions

     4.2.1 EATC 2017

     4.2.2 MF-Tokyo 2017

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