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AFDEX Newsletter Q1 2023

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1. AFDEX_V23R01 & Revised Version of AFDEX_V21R03 Release

2. AFDEX_V23R01 Improvements
    2.1 Temperature Compensation for Cylinder Compression Testing
    2.2 Direct Method for Calculating Peak Strain
    2.3 Double Curvature Strain Hardening
    2.4 Automatic Simulation of Pilger Rolling Process
    2.5 Local Material-Motion Constraining Function and its Application
    2.6 Boss Forming Simulation
    2.7 Simulation of Tube Drawing Process with Nonuniform Thickness and Die Misalignment
    2.8 Quenching & Tempering Simulation of Jominy Testing

3. Pre/Post-processor Improvements
    3.1 Automatic Mesh Density Control for 3D Dies
    3.2 Temperature Input for Shrink Fit in Multi-body Analysis
    3.3 Friction Condition in Multi-body Analysis
    3.4 Object Remeshing Feature in Multi-body Analysis
    3.5 Improvement of Post-processor for Multi-body Cases of Materials and Dies
    3.6 Result File Compression
    3.7 UI for Inputting Translation Distance of Dies in Multi-stage Process Analysis
    3.8 UI for Inputting Number of Elements for Remeshing in Die Structural Analysis
    3.9 Pre-processor Improvement for Shape Rolling Process Analysis
    3.10 New Material Flow Models
    3.11 Pre-processor Improvement for Crack Analysis
    3.12 Scale Tool for Material after Forming

4. Notice
    4.1 Online Training in 2023
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