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AFDEX Newsletter Q2 2021

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1. AFDEX_V21
    1.1 AFDEX_V21 release
    1.2 AFDEX_V21 main features
2. New features in AFDEX_V21
    2.1 Improved function of gap flow control
    2.2 Improved binder die function
    2.3 Calculation of moment exerted on the material
    2.4 3D sticky die function
    2.5 Improved remeshing function per stage
    2.6 Roll forming simulation function
    2.7 Improved 3D shearing analysis function
    2.8 Multi-damage calculation function
    2.9 Quantified brittle fracture of ductile material
    2.10 Instability index
    2.11 Force control in shaft clinching
    2.12 Simulation of pipe bending process with flexible mandrel
    2.13 Flow stress models at room temperature
    2.14 Flow stress models at elevated temperature
    2.15 Sheet-cladding on the end of extruded rod
3. Notice
    3.1 APA webinar in Japan
    3.2 APA annual webinar for AFDEX
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