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AFDEX Newsletter Q2 2020

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1. AFDEX_V20R01

2. Some examples of new or advanced functions of AFDEX_V20

    2.1 Effect of temperature and material model in cold forging process
    2.2 Treatment of inclined spring attached die
    2.3 Advances in controlling relative die motions in plate forging
    2.4 Improvement of identifying potential region of air trapping
    2.5 Enforced function for material self-contact
    2.6 Improvement in function of ring rolling process
    2.7 Enhanced analysis using detailed die design information
    2.8 Analysis of anisotropic material
    2.9 Analysis of prestressing cold forging die by press

3. Notice
    3.1 Online lectures
    3.2 MFRC - Altair webinar on plate forging 

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