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Heat treatment analysis with phase transformation

Heat treatment analysis

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  The AFDEX - HT was released on October 1st, 2017 in a selected country. Fig. 3 shows simulation result of a Jominy test using the 2D/ 3D heat treatment functions. Both 2D and 3D results are similar because they are all based on the stable temperature change although a quenching process was analyzed as shown in Fig. 3(b). Additionally, Fig. 3(c) shows that the hardness change can be predicted by AFDEX-HT. 


(a) 2D/3D Jominy test (Fraction of martensite)

(b) 2D/3D temperature comparison



(c) 2D Jominy test result (Hardness)

Fig. 3 Heat treatment simulation of a Jominy test


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