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1. 2017

​The first Developers’ Meeting in 2017 was held on Jan. 6, 2017 followed by two conferences at the Korean Society of Technology of Plasticity and one at the user conference, i.e., MFCAE 2017. 



2. 2018

  On December 28, 2017, the AFDEX Developers’ Meeting of 2018 was held at MFRC’s new office (Rm. 1207-1209, Building A, Wings Tower, Jinju Korea). At the first meeting of this year, 22 researchers or research assistants attended, and there were discussions on the works carried out during the year 2017. Also, research directions for the future were discussed with emphasis on speeding up new functions and reducing computational time further. In addition, two invited seminars on die description in terms of process design parameters and practical hot stamping technology were held.

  Three additional developers’ meetings of the seasons including spring, summer and fall will be held in this year. AFDEX is always ready to invite any researcher or engineer as a developer who has some ideas for application.


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