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  Prof. Shin (Purdue University) gave an outstanding seminar at GNU and participated in a cooperation research meeting with MFRC on May 23th, 2017.

  The Purdue University has been using AFDEX for educational purposes for five years and has been conducting cooperative research on multi-scale microstructure evolution for 2 years, supported by MFRC. Based on the results, commercialization of multi-scale microstructure prediction technology will be carried out in the third year. Recently, research team of Prof. Shin has published the paper, “Investigation on temporal evolution of the grain refinement in copper under high strain rate loading via in-situ synchrotron measurement and predictive modeling”, in Acta Materialia (5 years average impact factor = 5.6). Professor Shin Yung-Chul is a world-renowned professor whose research is cited around 1200 times per year. His main field of research activities includes laser applications and its mechanical and metallurgical properties.


​Special lecture by Professor Shin

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