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Adaptive and Intelligent mesh generation

2D mesh refinement

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  The system is one of key technologies to maximize solution accuracy of AFDEX. AFDEX 2D is utilizing quadrilateral finite elements which are numerically better than triangular elements.  

  This mesh systems were optimally generated for hub forging, fine blanking and self-piercing riveting processes. 
Remeshing inevitably accompanies the change of material shape and smoothing of state variables including strain and damage. Its importance cannot thus be overemphasized. Our higher accuracy is owing to the very intelligent remeshing capability.
  In hub forging, finer mesh system around this region including both material and die was employed. In fine blanking simulation, the minimization of shape due to too frequent remeshings was conducted. In self-piercing riveting, the dense region moves with the tip of rivet and the shape change of the tip during remeshing was minimized. 

(a) Initial
(b) Final


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